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New Club penguin stuff!

Hey penguins! Kyae here!

As you probably know their has been new stuff on club penguin came out, they have updated alot of stuff!

*When you go on a server It only comes up with the servers your buddie visit the most.

* (tip) When a new buddy comes on a message will pop up near your buddy list saying that one of your buddies has come on line. Here is a picture.

* On club penguin now, You are allowed to have (300) buddies!

* Their is a green puffle at the Ice Rink.


If you click the mail button on the top left hand corner club penguin have sent you mail that says: Penguin mail would u like this free item!


Also, Club Penguin have updated our Inventory’s Their is a hole new different style of how you choose your clothes, If you click the button on your player card that sayes all items: it will come up with Head items,Face items, Neck items, Body items, Hand items, Feet items,colours, and other items. I think club penguin have made our player card easier.

New Igloo Updated!

Club penguin team have updated our igloos with a forest background at the back of our igloos, you can not walk out in to the out side area.

Thats All For Now! I will get some more pictures soon! Please comment Thank You ♥Kyae♥