New Clothes Catalog + New pin!

New Clothes Catalog & New pin!

Hello everyone!

Exiting news, Today the new clothing catalog was released! For all members. Who wont to buy these clothes. And also, there is a new variety of shoes for members to buy.

Hidden Items:

Viking Helmet: Hidden on “elvis” penguin (close 4 times to get the blue viking helmet).

Mixed braclets: Click on the girl penguin wearing the pink guitar.

Jade neckless: Click on the penguin wearing the white suit.

Diving Helmet: Click on the two bubbles on the penguin wearing the sarong.

Woodsmans hat: Click on the last shield

New backgrounds: In the back of the clothing catalog.

And also, new wig in the wig catalog.

New Pin: Is located under the green puffle at the night club.



One response to “New Clothes Catalog + New pin!

  1. How could you be famous again? You have just over 100 hits.

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